Content Publishing:

“From printed user’s manuals to printed employee benefit pamphlets and online customer satisfaction surveys, communication is often as much about appearance as it is words. We here at Future Group Translation Services help companies maximize the value of their content assets and have plenty of experience in all phases of the content life cycle – Authoring, Design, Formatting, Printing, Management, Delivery.

Future Group Translation Services is a one-stop translation store for all Multilingual Desktop Publishing content: whether it is relatively straightforward or extremely challenging, our Multilingual Publishing Group (MPG) can get the job done. We have enough in-house talent to handle everything from content design and authoring, to formatting and final delivery. “

DTP Tasks

Evaluating and setting up the projects including file preparation.

Creating templates, including paragraph and character styles, master pages and layout.

Generating books in multiple languages.

Fixing the layout of the translated materials.

Editing and localizing graphics.

Converting or generating output of the translated material in multiple formats

DTP Tools:

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Your multilingual desktop publishing project’s cost is determined by the following criteria:

  • Language combination
  • Number of pages
  • Format of the document
  • Time in which it needs to be completed

Maximum size 10MB

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