Software Translation Services

We call it Software Localization Service since software localization takes things beyond the critical first stage of language translation. It gives a deeper integrity to software by fine-tuning it for its specific target audience. Our software Localization Services are truly comprehensive in the broadest sense of the word. Our services start from building, testing and UI verification for software or help-based products including traditional software and cover everything from multimedia, web, Mac, PC, server, and client-side application.

Our Software Localization experts use high-tech specialized tools to extract, translate and re-insert the text contained in your software identified layout including features like toolbars, error messages and etc. Your software localization project is submitted to pre-launch testing to ensure that the newly translated target language localized text appears exactly how it’s supposed to appear, when the end user receives it.

Future Group Translation Services is distinguished in the software localization service business as we have the right expertise and resources to deliver high-tech software localization projects, including new media applications for mobile phones and PDAs as well as more conventional PC-based applications and software. We not only perform translation on features like user interfaces and online help; but we also translate all installation guides, license agreements and all other documentation which is necessary in launching software into the global market.

We translate all kinds of materials even if your document is created in a desktop publishing application such as QuarkXPress, InDesign, or other format. We can localize your product and translate it into any language that you require from any potential source language. For More Info Check Our Content Publishing Services.

With a high-tech translation memory software Technology, ISO certification and access to translators for any language and business application, Future Group Translation Services has earned a reputable image in the Language Services Business