Website Localization:

Website Translation is your shortest path to expanding your services globally and reaching more customers, website traffic, sales, conversions and ROI. By translating your website into your target customer language, you create more demand for your services or products and outperform your competition’s service or product providers.

The greatest business and social websites have been increasingly growing due to their success in reaching out to the languages of users around the globe. Google, Facebook, Amazon.com, Groupon, LivingSocial are the leading world websites in their industry since they were able to reach their customers all over the world and speak their language. It’s time for you to expand your services and reach the around the globe with our Website Translation Services. We Launch Your Website In Any Spoken Language You Can Imagine.

At Future Group Translation Services we ensure that your Website translation does not only address people through their language, but it appeals to them equally through their culture as we adapt your website content to your target customers and turn it into their native language. Highly qualified marketing content translators with experience in your given industry platform, guarantee that your message is not lost in translation. Since our native translators only translate into their Native Language, their translation is accurate and their expressions are sensitive and direct to your audience.


It’s Important to know that translating your website is of paramount importance now for:

  • Over 100 million people already access the internet from their homepage using a language other than English
  • Over 50% of Web Users have a native language other than English Language
  • Web Shoppers are four times more likely to purchase your product if it’s translated into their native language rather than shopping on an English-based content website.
  • Visitors stay for twice as long on a website that is introduced in their native tongue.
  • Translating your website into the most famous 10 languages, you will reach 83% of the world’s Internet population.
    • PHP Array
    • PHP Define
    • Movable Type (Perl)
    • Joomla
    • Java
    • iPhone Strings
    • Android Strings
    • CSV
    • Resx
    • INI
    • PO
    • YAML

Maximum size 10MB

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