Should You Outsource Translation Projects to a Professional Services Provider?

Should You Outsource Translation Projects To A Professional Services Provider? 2

The Choice Between Outsourcing or Hiring Directly When you expand your business internationally, suddenly there are obligations and concerns that may not have occurred to you before. Having a global company extends beyond making sure your product or service is available to a worldwide audience; it entails appealing to different cultures, and embracing an entirely […]

5 Effective Ways To Use Translation Management Systems

Translation Management system

As businesses continue to develop globally, translation services are in great demand. As an international company, it can be overwhelming to find yourself with the need to translate volumes of content into multiple languages and vernaculars. The realities of human error can cause a fully manual translation system to falter when working with large, time-sensitive […]

4 Tips to Perfect Your Copywriting for International Marketing

Copywriting for International Marketing

What is international marketing? When you consider that marketing success relies on certain universal principles, doing business in global territory does not have to be daunting. An international copywriting agency can tell you that marketing to a worldwide audience means not only following copywriting best practices, but taking into consideration factors not necessarily considered when […]

Top 3 Tips for International Sports Translation

Sports translation services

People have always been drawn to sports for entertainment, exercise, and friendly competition. From ancient accounts of sprinting and wrestling to modern international events like the Olympics and the World Cup—gathering for sporting events is elemental to social life. In the last century, it has been easier for sports fans to participate on a global […]

Medical Document Translation: Why is it Important?

medical translation

As countries become more connected, healthcare organizations around the world continue to form new relationships with each other. Of course, globalization comes with the question of how to communicate easily and accurately. This is where medical document translation comes in. What is medical translation? Medical document translation is about changing text from one language into […]

Ways to Make Your Football Team’s Blog a Marketing Machine

football translation

Football might be an extremely popular sport, but you still need strong marketing tools to reach your audience and engage with them.  Today we are looking at how to boost your football team’s blog with online football translation[o1]. Creating a website for your football team You don’t need to be a developer to create a […]

Localization: How to Keep Your Business Relevant in a Changing World

Business Localization Future Group Translation Service

Is your business relevant in today’s society? Do you adapt as trends come and go? For international businesses, staying up to date with local culture around the world is even more challenging. Today, we are looking at how to keep your business relevant in a changing world with localization. What is business localization? Localization and […]

How to Create Engaging, International E-learning

international e-learning

Online learning has become the norm for many. Whether you’re creating academic courses for students or on-the-job training for employees, learners need engaging, interesting content. This means adapting courses to suit their needs, wherever they are based. Today, we are looking at how to create engaging international e-learning courses. Why is international e-learning so important […]

Startups: What Localization Can Do for Your Products

product localization

Success stories of global startups seem to be everywhere. In reality, it takes more than a unique business idea for success. Today, we’re looking at the advantages of creating a strong strategy for multinational businesses, including how to make product localization work. Meet the needs of a target market 40% of people simply won’t buy […]

How Localization Can Boost the Global Reach of Your Medical Software

medical software localization

Using the right software can help create more efficient and even safer medical systems. But with so many options, healthcare providers need to be sure they’re making the right choices for their patients and staff. One important feature that can make the difference is medical software localization. What is medical software? Medical software is a […]