How to Translate Consulting Services: A Quick Guide to Localization

consulting services

If you don’t speak the same first language as your client, how do they know they can rely on your expertise? Luckily, working internationally doesn’t have to come with language barriers. Today, we’re looking at how translation for consulting services works. Is consulting services translation important? Every word counts when it comes to good business […]

The New Frontier of Global Marketing: OOH Localization

ooh localization

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising helps businesses connect with their customers when they’re on the move. Today, we’re looking at how to make your campaign a success, including why it’s important and OOH localization. What is OOH advertising? OOH refers to advertising that happens outside the home. This might be billboards, screens, posters, or more. The idea […]

Voice-over Translation Trends 2022

Voice-over Translation

Voice-over translation is an important tool for bringing content to new audiences. Staying up to date with the latest trends can help you decide what might work for you and take the competitive edge. Today, we are looking at what we can expect to see in voice-over translation. First, how does voice-over translation work? When […]

Tips for Mobile App Localization

Mobile App Localization

There are around 2.65 million apps available on the Google Play Store today. Users around the world have their pick when it comes to both free and paid apps, meaning developers need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. This is where localization comes in. Why is mobile app localization important? Apple says […]

Ways to improve your e-learning UX

e-learning UX

Good user experience (UX) is vital for successful e-learning content. Students need to navigate your platform easily, without distractions and with all the resources they need right there. Today, we are looking at ways to improve e-learning UX. What is UX in e-learning? If you have created an e-learning platform or course, you have probably […]

The Future of the Localization Industry: Technology

Future of Localization

We might not always notice it, but localization plays a large part in our daily lives, especially when it comes to using technology. Whether you watch an advert on TV, open social media, or order food via a delivery app, chances are you’ve seen localized content. The localization industry reaches far and wide. Today, we’re […]

How does sports translation work?

Sports translation Services

Sports is undeniably an international industry. Whether it’s signing new players, launching new brands abroad, managing events with foreign visitors, or producing global esports tournaments, connecting with people around the world is vital for success. This means clear communication is essential. So, what is sports translation and how does it work? What is sports translation? […]

Translation technologies today and in history

Translation technologies today and in history

Translation technology is an important part of the industry. Many translation companies see the use of technology as a selling point, but how does it really affect their services? Today we’re looking at what translation technologies mean for the customer and translator. Why use translation technologies? Before we see why linguists use translation technologies, we […]

Future Group Leverages Translation Quality with 2 ISO Certifications


Rely On International Standards All The Way We speak everyone’s language, not just in words but also in quality standards that our clients can always recognize and rely upon. That quality is sealed by the International Standard of Organization that sets the highest standards to match in every industry. In the translation industry -which is […]

Translation 101: What you need to know before choosing your translation vendor

Translation 101: What you need to know before choosing your translation vendor

Translation requires more than simply speaking two languages. From knowing about your industry to providing efficient, error-free services in theirs, translators need specialist skillsets. With so many professionals to choose from, how do you know which language service provider (LSP) is right for your project? Why businesses need to choose carefully When you need a […]