Top successful content marketing strategies 2022

Content marketing is about sharing relevant and valuable information with your audience. With the right content, readers can turn into leads, and even become long-term customers. But as the marketing landscape changes and shifts, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest content marketing strategies and trends. Content marketing in 2022 Content creation […]

Manufacturing Industry Trends 2022

The manufacturing industry is sometimes referred to as the ‘backbone of society’. It contributes to economic growth and impacts almost every industry. With constant competition and innovation happening on a global scale, manufacturers need to monitor the latest industry trends to stay ahead. Manufacturing industry growth in 2022 Over the last few years, manufacturers around […]

What will language AI look like in 2022?

The IT industry is booming. Research from McKinsey suggests that we saw five years’ worth of digital adoption in just eight weeks at the start of the pandemic. As the industry develops, so does the technology we use every day, including artificial intelligence. So, what will AI look like in the industry in 2022? What […]

Future Group joined the accredited consultants network of CAPRA

Future Group joined the accredited consultants network of CAPRA “Canadian Association of Professionals in Regulatory Affairs” CAPRA is an NPO that serves the pharmaceutical, biologics, medical devices, cosmetic and natural health product industries in Canada through providing sharing knowledge, aggregating networking and guiding info for the esteemed members from the healthcare, medical and pharma industries. […]

What does the medical translation industry look like now?

The way we communicate about healthcare is extremely important. Using the right terminology can influence decisions, inform treatment plans, and make sure everyone is on the same page. That’s where medical translation services come in. Languages and the medical industry in 2021 With the global health crisis continuing throughout 2021, many people returned to some […]

6 steps for successful machine translation

Machine translation is automatic translation carried out by a computer. In recent years, it has become a widely debated subject. If you decide to implement machine translation into your processes, there are several things to take into consideration first. Machine translation pros and cons There are several types of machine translation to choose from. To […]

8 Benefits of Website Localization

Website localization is the process of adapting a website for users in specific regions. While translation converts text from one language to another, localization adds to this by considering cultural factors. Websites might be adapted in terms of imagery, regional language variations, layout, design, content, features, and more. Benefits of using website localization services  Engage […]

Translation glossary: Explained

A translation glossary is a list of approved translations for specific terms. Glossaries often contain not only the correct translation, but also a definition, the context, and the part of speech the term comes from. Glossaries help translation services create accurate and high-quality translations in less time. Benefits of translation glossaries A translation glossary helps […]

Can machine translation give accurate results?

In recent years, machine translation has become a widely debated subject. As technology advances, translations become more accurate, but they still don’t have a human touch. So, how does machine translation work?  In this article, we’ll look at the types of machine translation, including MTPE, and when machine translation should be used. What is machine […]

How to use content translation services

Quick guide: Using content translation services There are customers, clients, and partners around the world who would be interested in what your company has to say, but they can’t access the information. Content translation services allow businesses to grow their reach by connecting with these audiences. Working with professional translation agencies means you can be […]

Quick guide: Video Game Localization For Beginners

The global video game market will surpass $200 billion by 2023 (newzoo). Capturing the attention of players in foreign countries opens up the opportunity for international success. But there’s a lot to do behind the scenes before marketing a game abroad. First, developers need to consider video game localization. What is video game localization? Video […]

How To Choose Manufacturing Translation Services

Manufacturing translation services help companies across the industry secure new opportunities, meet regulations, and communicate with partners and clients. In a multifaceted industry, manufacturing translators need to navigate highly technical subjects. So, whether you’re manufacturing heavy goods, working with raw materials, or handling an FMCG production line, it’s important to choose the right manufacturing translation […]