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    Canadians have high expectations of bilingual content due to cultural diversity. It’s no wonder Canadian companies rely on translated communication by professional Canadian language partners like us. Future Group is familiar with cultural diversity, and we help businesses build a loyalty desirable customer base.

    Future Group has grown into one of the most trusted translations and localization companies in Canada. We have successfully established a local reputation since 1994 for meeting our clients’ requirements most beneficially and cost-effectively.

    Businesses come to us to help translate their business website, marketing assets & catalogs, various presentation decks, product manuals, technical documentation, financial reports, agreements and so much more!

    What Do We Do?

    We use the latest technologies, highly qualified language experts and the best practices & processes to deliver language translation services that exceed our clients’ expectations.

    Content Translation

    Choose from hundreds of language pairs to open up your business to new market channels.

    Content Localization

    As the small details usually make the difference, we adapt your website to strike the right cultural tone.

    Testing & Language Quality

    For quality standardization of your translation, receive an independent proofreading service carried out by experienced industry specialists.

    Content Creation

    Attract new customers with engaging marketing content created in any language you choose.

    Multilingual Content Publishing

    Our desktop publishing team professionally translates your marketing materials into any language.

    Multimedia & Entertainment

    No matter the format, we’ll make sure the world hears your voice.

    Managed Translation

    Centralize our translation and transcription services to manage project costs and improve quality.


    With our interpreting Service, we can help your business communicate face-to-face or on the phone, at conferences and meetings.


    In-Country Translators

    Fully qualified native speaking linguists all based in their respective countries

    Competitive Pricing

    Flexible pricing plans providing high quality translation at affordable rates

    ISO-17100 Certified

    Accredited quality assurance procedures providing consistently accurate results

    Translation Process


    No matter what the industry is, Future Group
    is the translation company of choice that supports your business.



    Our team of linguists understands the importance of clear communication in education. By gaining full insight into the subject matter and the structure of your educational materials, we proudly provide translations that impeccably focus the learner’s mind on the content, rather than on the language.



    Our Energy and Oil & Gas language translation experts will deliver the quality work you always need. Your technical, engineering, design & drafting, fabrication and complete mechanical assembly documents will be translated and ready for use with your partners abroad. Our ISO 17100 certification ensures your assets are safe.



    Our experts use high-tech, specialized tools to extract, translate and re-insert the text contained in your software-identified layout, including features like toolbars, error messages, etc. We perform rigid testing and UI verification to ensure the best quality of our deliverables.



    Your life science and healthcare translation projects are carried out by industry experts and specialized linguists, who have deep medical industry backgrounds. Our mission is to help you drive your healthcare services by translating your medical content into the native tongue of your customers.



    Our team has solid experience in working with many international airports, transportation companies and hotels to help them localize their materials to their target audiences. Our language experts specialize in translating your websites, tour flyers, brochures, menus and all other content related to the tourism and travel industries.



    Are you a marketing agency or a multilingual marketing team? Our creative translation services help you expand into new markets and convey your brand's message to your audience through translating your website content and other campaign or branded assets.


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