Should You Outsource Translation Projects to a Professional Services Provider?

Should You Outsource Translation Projects To A Professional Services Provider? 2

The Choice Between Outsourcing or Hiring Directly When you expand your business internationally, suddenly there are obligations and concerns that may not have occurred to you before. Having a global company extends beyond making sure your product or service is available to a worldwide audience; it entails appealing to different cultures, and embracing an entirely […]

How to Create Engaging, International E-learning

international e-learning

Online learning has become the norm for many. Whether you’re creating academic courses for students or on-the-job training for employees, learners need engaging, interesting content. This means adapting courses to suit their needs, wherever they are based. Today, we are looking at how to create engaging international e-learning courses. Why is international e-learning so important […]

Voice-over Translation Trends 2022

Voice-over Translation

Voice-over translation is an important tool for bringing content to new audiences. Staying up to date with the latest trends can help you decide what might work for you and take the competitive edge. Today, we are looking at what we can expect to see in voice-over translation. First, how does voice-over translation work? When […]

Tips for Mobile App Localization

Mobile App Localization

There are around 2.65 million apps available on the Google Play Store today. Users around the world have their pick when it comes to both free and paid apps, meaning developers need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. This is where localization comes in. Why is mobile app localization important? Apple says […]