Lang2Lang’s Client list is filled out by many highly recognisable names form the private and public sectors, most especially the financial, legal, medical and IT verticals.



Our financial clients come from all over the world, but have one thing in common – they need a competent, highly experienced language, localisation and translation partner who can take on all aspects of a project for them, and deliver carefully crafted material on their terms


Our legal clients offer particularly exciting challenges, as the technical accuracy of the translation must be of the highest quality. Moreover, this is one of the areas where the cultural and technical expertise of our specialists really shines. This is possibly where we do our finest work.


Some of the most important work we do is translating medical records, treatment plans and other medical documents so that practitioners who do not share a language can share their expertise, and ensure proper patent care even across international borders.


Some of the most dynamic work we do is four our many clients in the IT vertical. Not only is this work highly customer-facing and demanding of the cultural sensitivity that we excel in, it demands that we keep our subject matter expertise constantly honed to a razor’s edge.

Quality translations, guaranteed!

With more than a decade of experience in public and private sector translation and language services, we have earned a superior reputation for delivering exactly what we promise, on time, and at the highest levels of quality. Our literally flawless track record has been no hindrance, either.

However, we know that we can only maintain that reputation by constantly improving our performance, and maintaining a constant dedication to understanding and achieving our clients’ goals.

As such, we wold like to once again express our commitment to quality. All the members of our translation teams are professional, native linguists with many years of experience. We believe passionately in the effectiveness of our Quality Assurance, and commit to delivering maximum accuracy in all of our translations.

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