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We cross borders and break language barriers to ensure your message is delivered the right way. No matter what sector you work in or want to target, our professional linguists will combine their industry expertise and local cultural knowledge to deliver impressive results.
Add another dimension to your translation
The difference between translation and localization is bigger than you might think. Translation replaces words in context, while localization adapts the content to the nuances of local cultures – whether you need it for games, software, mobile apps or your website.


Even in an increasingly globalized world, customers still respond more actively to localized content. Future Group localization services allow you to:

Localization Project Process

Our localization services are broken down into 4 simple steps. We provide qualified and team training and precise quality control in every step of our process, which is designed to maximize and optimize deliverables for every client. Our process includes:

1. Cultural Analysis

Tying the translated context with it's peer in the local dialect of the targeted demographics.

2. Guideline Development

Localization team

3. Quality Control

PM assigns different group of files to selected translators and their following reviewers according to project plan. Query Sheets are opened on the TMS where translators raise queries, Reviewers answer them, LTL approves them after consulting with customer. Files moves from Translation phase to Review Phase on a rolling base (Finish to start). LTL have a final look on the files make sure Glossaries and SG were followed, and query sheet answers were reflected.

Translation Feedback & Final Delivery

PM assigns the Localization support to convert back the finished files to its original extension, upload or deliver them to client Portal. Client review the files , send feedback , and upon our implementation of feedback , client makes final checks and upon verification client sends official closure and permission to invoice the project.

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Industry Specific Expertise

We totally understand how industry-specific knowledge is critical to producing high-quality translation; and so, through our years of experience, we have expanded the area of our industry-specific expertise to include: