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Future Group joined the accredited consultants network of CAPRA

Future Group joined the accredited consultants network of CAPRA “Canadian Association of Professionals in Regulatory Affairs”

CAPRA is an NPO that serves the pharmaceutical, biologics, medical devices, cosmetic and natural health product industries in Canada through providing sharing knowledge, aggregating networking and guiding info for the esteemed members from the healthcare, medical and pharma industries.

CAPRA builds strong bonds with governmental agencies, scientific gurus and industry leaders to create a feasible, fulfilling and academically enriching environment for the associations members.

Future Group Translation Services is the perfect destination for the industry’s elite members who market their products internationally, to translate and localize comprehensive medical and pharmaceutical content in the respective markets the producers aim to cater to in an accurate and quick manner.

Future Group has grown into one of the world’s most trusted translation and localization expert houses across the globe. We have successfully established a global reputation for meeting our clients’ requirements in the most beneficial and cost-effective way.

Future Group is an ISO 17100 Certified language vendor for all major languages. We have worked on Localization and translation projects for the top 500 fortune brands in various fields, including but not limited to Sony, Apple, Google, Microsoft, HP, Toyota, Amazon, and many more.

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