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How does sports translation work?

Sports is undeniably an international industry. Whether it’s signing new players, launching new brands abroad, managing events with foreign visitors, or producing global esports tournaments, connecting with people around the world is vital for success. This means clear communication is essential. So, what is sports translation and how does it work?

What is sports translation?

Sports translation covers a wide range of fields. A sports clothing brand might want to translate a marketing video for their customers in another country. A football player might need a contract to be translated before they sign. Perhaps a tennis competition attracting tourists needs event information in several languages.

Whatever the subject, the translator works with written texts. They need a native-level understanding of the target language (the language they translate into), cultural awareness, and a deep understanding of sports.

What is sports interpreting?

Interpreting service is spoken translation. We often see sports interpreters at press conferences alongside famous names, helping ensure everyone understands exactly what is being said. Interpreters might also assist with daily life for international teams or players, attend business meetings, and more.

Sporting translation in the future

Predictions for the sporting industry are clear: the digital world can’t be ignored. Deloitte’s 2022 sporting industry predictions talk about a blend of the real and digital, including everything from analytics to esports.

As technology develops, anyone who participates in or views digital events will expect the highest quality, immersive experiences. Adapting to these new technologies, translation and localization can make it feel as though everything was made with that viewer in mind.

Meanwhile, the European Commission talks about the current shift to mobile-first in sporting. Whether it’s using fitness apps, watching online sporting events, or more, the user needs to be able to navigate quickly and easily, in a way that suits them.

Examples of sports translation today

Sports brands

Marketing your products abroad needs a tailored approach. What works in one country might not have the same impact in another. For instance, certain images, slogans, cultural references, and even colors can have different meanings.

To truly engage international customers, sports brands should translate and/or localize (adapt for different cultures and languages) websites, marketing campaigns, product labels, video content, safety information, and more.

International events

Hosting visitors and players from around the world takes careful organization, including planning how to communicate information. Whether it’s sporting rules for players, signage, press releases, or promotional material, everything needs to be carefully translated by experts with accuracy to show the event at its best.


The esports industry is growing. It’s predicted that, by 2025, there will be over 318 million eSports enthusiasts worldwide. That figure doesn’t include occasional viewers.

As global spectators tune in, they need to be able to access the content they want clearly and easily. Meanwhile, professional gamers also expect the best. If a platform, marketing campaign, or even a tournament guide, isn’t adapted correctly in the new language, the experience is hampered, and the event could lose its appeal.

Legal sports documents

Contracts, patents, policies… legal sports documents need to be translated with the highest levels of accuracy, no matter the languages or subject. The original meaning must be retained, with tight quality control measures in place. Legal translators should have a knowledge of the industry, legal system, languages, and translation techniques.

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