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How To Choose Manufacturing Translation Services

Manufacturing translation services help companies across the industry secure new opportunities, meet regulations, and communicate with partners and clients. In a multifaceted industry, manufacturing translators need to navigate highly technical subjects. So, whether you’re manufacturing heavy goods, working with raw materials, or handling an FMCG production line, it’s important to choose the right manufacturing translation service.

Manufacturing translation in 2021

The manufacturing industry didn’t escape the disruption caused by the pandemic. At the start of 2021, US industrial production and order levels were below those of 2019. But manufacturing companies are showing resilience.

As the industry gets back on its feet, the decline is slowing, giving manufacturers the chance to explore new growth opportunities and re-evaluate their international network. To make the most of these global opportunities, companies need to navigate new languages and cultures. This is where manufacturing translation services come in.

How do you know if a translator or translation company is right for your project?

The translators are native speakers and industry experts

Native-speaking translators have in-depth knowledge of language and culture, which is needed for accurate and high-quality translations. They need to understand not only how both languages work, but also the manufacturing industry. That way, your translations will be accurate.

Imagine producing two documents, one is an installation manual for a technician and the other is a user guide. The installation manual will include technical terminology and possibly dense information. The translator needs to respect this and replicate it in the new language, without any information loss. 

Meanwhile, the user guide’s tone and user-friendly explanations need to be transferred to a new document. This can only be achieved by finding equally simple terminology in the new language. Experienced translators can navigate these differences easily. 

They offer a range of manufacturing translation services

Right now, you might have a specific project in mind. But what about the future? As you expand into new regions, you might suddenly need a bulk translation order or have ongoing requirements.

Choosing a manufacturing translation provider who can scale along with your business will save you time in the long run. Companies that offer a range of services are more likely to be able to meet varying needs or even offer bespoke options. These additional services might include:

Translation management

The company handles all your translation needs, usually via a translation management system (TMS), so you can focus on your day-to-day operations.


Transforming content so that it resonates with an audience in a specific region. Localization is highly recommended for marketing materials in any industry.

Machine translation post-editing

Where human translators edit computer output. This is cost-effective for high volume translations where precision isn’t the main objective

Multimedia translation capabilities

If the manufacturing translation services provider works with a range of technologies, they are more likely to be able to cater to multimedia projects. This could be a training video or e-learning site, for example.

The company meets international standards

Any translation company you choose needs to be able to meet your requirements. The International Standards Organization (ISO) sets specific standards for translation providers. 

ISO 17100-certified companies provide a translation service that meets both the client’s needs and other specifications, including industry codes, best practice guides, or legislation. This means that you can be confident they have the means to provide the best translations. 

You might find that the company is ISO 9001-certified, too. This standard relates to quality management systems, so you know the company provides consistent services and focuses on customer satisfaction.

Future Group – How we can help you

Your project needs high quality-translations with a fast turnaround time. Future Group is here to help. We have teams ready to work on manufacturing translation projects of all sizes, with dedicated project managers to oversee your order. We streamline our process to save you time. Find out more about how we work.

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