Industry Standard

Standards in any industry help reduce the costs, improve time-to-market and time-to-profit, and ensure consistency and interoperability. Future Group Translation Services is compliant with industry standards and is a very active participant in standards development activities in the Translation and localization community.

ISO 9001:2008 Standards

Future Group Translation Services is fully compliant with standards for quality management systems set by the International Standards Organization (ISO), the world’s largest developer of international standards. With constant presence in more than 100 countries, ISO is responsible for bridging public with private sectors in order to achieve solutions for businesses and the needs of society.

As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, Future Group Translation Services spares no effort in providing leading quality localization and Translation services to its world class clients. Many companies have doubts when starting with a new local provider and are sometimes very hesitant. We have already taken action to capture your trust, before even starting out. Not only does Future Group Translation Services have a world class ISO certification which guarantees trust and quality, but it also has a complete quality assurance process. At Future Group Translation Services, we have tough measures and tests to ensure reliability and accuracy, and every new product is carefully tested and made sure to be reliable and up to the global standards. For us, the ISO authentication is a simple sign to tell you that you can trust us. It is only the beginning and not the end. Our key goal is not only to be up to ISO checklists, but also to outdo your highest expectations. We Lead Your Services To The World.

ISO 17100 Standards

As an official translation company fully certified to ISO 17100, Future Group’s commitment to providing transparent quality assurance for our customers is an integral part of our business. We are able to clearly demonstrate our project management workflows and processes, all translation and revision procedures, client/supplier agreements and communications along with the handling of relevant materials and information. The documentation of our processes further qualifies our ability to provide official translation services to our customers and the standardization of the structures and workflows used within our translation program.

How does it help your business?

Delivering quality and the highest standards as always been at the heart of our ethos and the ISO 17100 gives further confidence to our customers. It also provides reassurance to prospective clients that Future Group adhere to a recognized specialist standard while processing their translation projects. It also acts as a further guarantee that our project managers and linguists are fully qualified to perform the required tasks that will ensure their expectations are met in an effective and professional manner.

Project Management

“Excuses” Phrases are never found in our Project Manager’s dictionaries as our PMs are always in complete control of your translation projects. From the stage where they carefully choose the optimum team to work on your project, to planning and tailoring the translation management process according to your deadlines.

Our PM’s goal is to make you enjoy the translation services experience with us like never before; with us you can reach Our Project Manager anytime 24\7 without feeling apprehensive regarding the time zone differences.

The PM assigned to your project listens carefully to your instructions, works on your demands, takes notes from you very considerately, answers your questions, controls your costs and makes sure they are within your budget, tracks and reports project milestones and reports to you consistently, troubleshoots problems whenever they arise and conducts thorough Quality Control checks before your order ever leaves our floor. And when it’s out the door, our PM’s rule does not stop at your doorstep. Your PM performs a post-mortem to make sure that your next project goes even smoother. Sooner than you expected our PM will become part of your team.


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