Future Group Translations

Future Group Leverages Translation Quality with 2 ISO Certifications

Rely On International Standards All The Way

We speak everyone’s language, not just in words but also in quality standards that our clients can always recognize and rely upon. That quality is sealed by the International Standard of Organization that sets the highest standards to match in every industry.

In the translation industry -which is a mix of many specialties- we not only match.
But beat by nature the quality standards of our processes in every single detail from the very choice of our team, technology, policies and procedures.

ISO 17100 Certified For Translation Quality

That keen and detailed work got us the ISO 17100 Certification by the ATC (Association of Translation Companies) approved us as a fit-for-purpose quality translation services provider and based that on the fact that our set of processes and our managed resources have been independently and impartially audited by an external party such as ATC.

ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management

The latest certification we have after testing our applied information security systems & protocols, is the ISO 27001, comes as a reassurance to our clients and partners that the exchange of sensitive content information is handled with supreme safety and discretion, as well as it can be secured.
Since our early beginning in 1994, the intellectual property has been our most valued asset and preserving it got us the well-earned trust of our clients and partners, allowing for more focus to our work scope expansion and helping our clients far beyond the expected.

ISO/IEC 27001

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