Lang2Lang has always specialised in accurate, detail-oriented and fast document translation, and nowhere is this as highly appreciated as the legal field. We maintain dedicated, specialist legal translation teams as well as an extensive contact network of carefully vetted, CRB-approved local translators and legal support service specialists throughout the world in order to assure our clients in the legal vertical of the highest possible service levels, both quickly and cost effectively.

We understand that accuracy is absolutely critical in a legal context. That is why we maintain a rigid dedication to 100% accuracy and a thorough Quality Control Programme which involves double and triple-checks by both subject matter experts and thoroughly vetted professionals with actual native fluency in the appropriate language or languages.

Your documents are translated only by true experts in your target language

Every Lang2Lang legal translator has native-level language skills, and never translates into a language that is not their own. Our teams are specifically trained in the fine points of legal translation, and each has at least 5 years of experience translating legal matters.

Lang2Lang understands your unique needs

We have more than a decade of experience working with councils, solicitors, lawyers, courts, hospitals, law enforcement, and many other organisations, as well as with individual clients in all aspects of both the private and the public sectors. We take the time to understand what it is you need to achieve, and to give you exactly the level of service required to achieve your goals.

Our legal translation teams have extensive experience in the following areas:

  •    Certificates (marriage, birth, death, police reports, etc.)
  •    Tenancy agreements
  •    Company formation documents (articles of association, memorandum etc.)
  •    Court documents (judgments, witness statements etc.)
  •    Patent documents
  •    Contracts and commercial agreements
  •    Financial documents (annual reports, balance sheets, fund prospectuses etc.)

If you would like to discuss your next financial translation project with us or have us translate a single document for you, simply contact us here.

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