Machine Translation Post Editing

Used independently, machine translation is not a sufficient replacement for human standards of translation applied to processed content. Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) allows for the correction of the text through modification and editing without significantly raising costs or delivery times.

Machine Translation Post Editing would benefit your business if:

  • A large amount of content is needed in a short period of time

  • Budgets allowances for the project are low

  • 100% translation accuracy is not a requirement

  • There are ongoing requirements for bulk translations

Reasons to use Future Group’s Machine Translation Post Editing Solution

Improved learning

Every translation is stored to build a memory related to your linguistic style. More translations equals faster and more accurate results.

Lower costs

Reductions in translation fees per page allow for the processing of more material keeping you to budget.

Save Time

For large volumes of content MTPE ensures you meet tight deadlines and quick turnarounds without compromising quality

How Machine Translation Post Editing works?

Content Assessment

Once we receive the files our project management team assess your requirements and discuss if MTPE is the best approach for your translation. We also provide sample tests of the material to ensure its suitability for machine translation.

Machine Translation

After the suitability test has been completed the content can be processed by the system. Completion times will vary depending on the amount of text but this will be analyzed and committed to before the translation begins.

Post Editing Process

Depending on whether light or heavy post-editing is required, the translated material is passed onto our fully trained post-editors. Where needed, the text is corrected, modified and edited to a high linguistic standard.


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