Desktop Publishing

Using document translation services should not mean you lose aesthetic control over your brand. Multilingual content publishing creates a consistent and flawless image of your company across a range of platforms, whether you need it for marcoms, advertising, print or packaging in different territories.

Reduce Your Time to Market With The Highest Quality.

Deliver Unified Content Across All Formats With Ease.

Achieve Cost-Effective Recreations of Marketing or Training Materials.

Our Desktop Publishing Process

Assess clients files and discuss requirements


Design project work flows to enable file preparation.


Set-up templates, style guides, master pages and final layout.

Translate full document formats into the required languages.

Adjustments to match translated material with branding styles

Edit images and graphics to meet localized standards

Produce final translated documents in the desired format

Our Most Popular DTP Tools

Content Management System Integration

To fully control the multilingual content on your website, you will need a Content Management System. The integration of a Content Management System will facilitate multilingual publishing in a time efficient and cost effective manner.


  • We prepare the website ahead of the Content Management System integration
  • We integrate a Content Management System and create a backend of the website
  • We develop, test and release the updated website

Translation Management Made Easy

Integrating your Content Management System with a Translation Management System (TMS) will enable you to streamline every area of your content-heavy website, whether it is a e-newspaper, e-magazine, e-learning portal or any other type of website where you update your content frequently.

Industries that require CMS/TMS Integration

News Media: Online e-newspapers and magazines.

E-learning Portals: Training materials and transcripts.

Ecommerce: Product details and sales and marketing promotions.

Do you have heavy multilingual content?

Check out our Managed Globalization Service

Translation Workflow Audit

Technology Consulting

Machine Translation Deployment

TMS Integration /Optimization

Translation Workflow Audit

Enhance your translation workflow to improve your localization program and become more efficient.

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Technology Consulting

Let us advise you on the best translation technology to use for your projects that will produce the very best results

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Machine Translation Deployment

Far large scale jobs working to a short deadline machine translation offers the ideal solution.

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TMS Integration/Optimization

Manage large volumes of website content with our easy to use integrated TMS solution.

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