Multimedia And Entertainment Localization

Producing multimedia content enables you to capture your target audience interest at various levels and keeps your business at the forefront of your industry. Future Group’s specialist multimedia localization service transforms audio, video and animations into global communications that are easily accessible for a wider audience.


Our Edge in Multimedia
& Entertainment Localization

State-of-the-art recording studios producing professional results.

The ability to work across a breadth of multimedia platforms.

Pricing flexibility tailored to suit your individual budget.

The full suite of Multimedia
& Entertainment Localization available:

Voice Over


Training Materials

E-Learning Localization




1- Voice Over

Narration for video content in hundreds of languages provides you with the opportunity to blend high definition imagery with a powerful message that your customers can understand.

2- Videos

Future Group delivers high quality localized video content that connects with cultures outside of your region by adapting it to the small nuances that can make all the difference.

3- Training Materials

Global organizations need a unified voice to provide consistency for their employees around the world and our multimedia team provide solutions across multiple platforms.

4- E-Learning Localization

By understanding the subject matter and context of the content, our e-learning localization can seamlessly translate the text into a format your learners can easily understand.

5- Dubbing

We replace the voiceover on your video with a native speaker who translates the content into the target language for an enhanced watching experience.

6- Subtitling

Whether you need subtitles for film, TV, animation or any other visual content, subtitling is the cost effective solution that will retain the strength of your communication.

7- Transcription

Our time coded transcripts ensure your foreign language voice overs are translated correctly while remaining in sync with the on-screen stream.

We Deliver Multimedia Localization in 3 Steps:


Target language localization


Voice talent selection


Review/ delivery of files.


Your copy into the target language.


Your content in the right format.


We review and deliver your content.

See How We Can Transform Your Message

Our multimedia localization team has helped countless businesses across multiple sectors to successfully position their video content on a global stage. Here are a few examples of the projects we have worked on.

Localized e-learning and training projects we have delivered:

  • Computer-Based Training Translations
  • Virtual Classrooms/Web-Conferencing
  • Web-Based Training
  • Discussion Forums
  • Certification and Assessment Programs
  • Multimedia Purposes
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Applications
  • Coaching Activities
  • Manager Sign-Offs and Certifications
  • Embedded Simulations
  • Instructor Materials and Tools
  • Student Materials


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