Our Quality Measures

At Future Group, our success depends on the quality of the work we deliver. Our clients continue to benefit from the stringent review measures we implement,guaranteeing superior translation output across hundreds of language pairs.

Our Quality
Measures Explained

Resource Tracking

To ensure accurate language translation on every project an Errora Report (ER) is completed by the reviewer to highlight any discrepancies and the action taken to correct any errors. In addition to an Evaluation Sheet (ES) shows the full result of the linguist’s translation. An Error Analysis (EA) is also produced to identify areas that require further attention. This allows for specific training to be implemented to improve any weak points if necessary and underpins our ability to provide high quality translation on a consistent basis.

Language Quality Assurance (LQA) can be run at any time by the manager or assistant manager to provide assurance to the linguist that their work is being monitored by senior members of staff. To standardize the phrases used by various linguists we provide access to our Terminology Management System (TMS) which contains more than 1 million terms based on 100 different subject matters.

Dealing with Negative Feedback

All feedback from our clients is appreciated and allows us to analyze areas of improvement. Upon the receipt of negative feedback we conduct a thorough investigation with all parties involved. If required, deliverables are updated and passed onto our client along with the full results of our investigation and a corrective plan of action.

Team Training

High levels of accurate language translation are continually achieved thanks to the extensive training schedules overseen by our senior linguists. This is graded from beginners to advanced providing our team members with a full rota of localization tools and courses. Our team is also trained on our specific processes and systems to enable them to reach and maintain the high quality translation standards we are committed to deliver.

Specialized & On-Demand Training

For industries that require more specialized and technical translation we have a range of dedicated courses that our linguists are required to attend. This extends to our own managers and team leaders who are required to attend management development courses at Dale Carnegie association and RITI Institute.

Improving Our Quality Measures

High quality translation is the aim for every project processed by our qualified teams. The measures we put in place to provide this are also reviewed and tested on a regular basis. This allows us to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our model to make the necessary changes to the workflow that will ensure even higher levels of accurate language translations.


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