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Should You Outsource Translation Projects to a Professional Services Provider?

The Choice Between Outsourcing or Hiring Directly

When you expand your business internationally, suddenly there are obligations and concerns that may not have occurred to you before. Having a global company extends beyond making sure your product or service is available to a worldwide audience; it entails appealing to different cultures, and embracing an entirely new way of communicating with your consumer base.

There is much to consider when developing your international marketing strategy—not the least of which is deciding how to strategize content translation. Should you hire in-house translators? Or outsource to a professional translation services company?

In this article, we will compare professional translation services to in-house translation, and demonstrate that engaging a translation services company can actually cost less and provide better peace of mind.

Professional Translation Services vs. In-House Translation

Outsourcing Translation

1. Professional translation companies are accustomed to globalization, localization, and translation on a large scale. They are able to balance a volume of work, as well as practice consistency in adherence to industry standards, laws, and regulations in multiple regions.

2. Experts in translation are connected to a network of industry professionals who share standardized terms, processes, and equipment. They are routinely learning new tactics and improving services according to ever-changing industry guidelines.

3. Translation professionals have mastered unique terminology in multiple regions and specialized fields. Professional translators are trained to implement cultural nuances within the translation process, and the team assigned to your project would commonly be experienced in working with the culture itself.

4. A professional team ensures that complex translations and critically important vocabulary will not be compromised. This is an especially crucial objective in legal, technical, medical, and financial fields where one mistake can be disastrous.

5. Professional translators are knowledgeable about marketing, targeted audience messaging, and brand research. They can also perform the complete cycle of translation, including editing and proofreading.

6. Career translators are matched to jobs based on their expertise—and translation services hire the best of the best.

Employing In-House Translators

1. For an ideal translation strategy, it takes an entire team of various staff positions, including a project manager. An individual or two with language proficiency is not enough.

2. Recruitment and training takes time, even if the direct-hire is only project-based.

3. Your company is likely expected to provide salaries, resources, and benefits, as opposed to paying for the work as it is needed.

4. Time between projects could result in distractions, and translation skills can become stale.

5. The schedule is limited to set working hours “on the clock.”

Why Choose a Professional Translation Company

Who you trust to manage your translation project is a big decision. Professional translation companies are ready to take on the responsibilities immediately, and you only pay for the time and labor involved per project.

There are many translation companies to choose from. If they promise to deliver at a fraction of the market cost, chances are they will not be able to provide the high-quality of service that can avoid mistakes and legal problems. You should always audit the company for the things they plan to provide. Here are just a few of the questions that can be answered quickly with a little research:

– Do they tailor the project to the best translator available?

– Do they allow transparency in their processes?

– Is there a consistency with their methods?

– How long have they been in business?

– In what fields are they experienced?

When you consider the talent, quality control capabilities, training, management skills, and decision-making aptitude that professional translation services are known for, you can see that the cost benefit for outsourcing outweighs hiring in-house translators.

With experienced translation experts who have learned how to be quick and efficient via a volume of successful projects, it is clear that outsourcing is the most cost-effective, flexible solution.

Work with a Reliable Team of Professionals

You need an experienced, dependable professional translation company like Future Group, who provides the highest quality of services for any type of translation project.

Future Group will help you achieve your important goals for success while saving you time and valuable resources.

Reach out to our team and allow us to provide excellent translation services for you today.

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