5 Effective Ways To Use Translation Management Systems

Translation Management system

As businesses continue to develop globally, translation services are in great demand. As an international company, it can be overwhelming to find yourself with the need to translate volumes of content into multiple languages and vernaculars. The realities of human error can cause a fully manual translation system to falter when working with large, time-sensitive […]

Top 3 Tips for International Sports Translation

Sports translation services

People have always been drawn to sports for entertainment, exercise, and friendly competition. From ancient accounts of sprinting and wrestling to modern international events like the Olympics and the World Cup—gathering for sporting events is elemental to social life. In the last century, it has been easier for sports fans to participate on a global […]

How does sports translation work?

Sports translation Services

Sports is undeniably an international industry. Whether it’s signing new players, launching new brands abroad, managing events with foreign visitors, or producing global esports tournaments, connecting with people around the world is vital for success. This means clear communication is essential. So, what is sports translation and how does it work? What is sports translation? […]

Translation technologies today and in history

Translation technologies today and in history

Translation technology is an important part of the industry. Many translation companies see the use of technology as a selling point, but how does it really affect their services? Today we’re looking at what translation technologies mean for the customer and translator. Why use translation technologies? Before we see why linguists use translation technologies, we […]

Future Group Leverages Translation Quality with 2 ISO Certifications


Rely On International Standards All The Way We speak everyone’s language, not just in words but also in quality standards that our clients can always recognize and rely upon. That quality is sealed by the International Standard of Organization that sets the highest standards to match in every industry. In the translation industry -which is […]

Translation 101: What you need to know before choosing your translation vendor

Translation 101: What you need to know before choosing your translation vendor

Translation requires more than simply speaking two languages. From knowing about your industry to providing efficient, error-free services in theirs, translators need specialist skillsets. With so many professionals to choose from, how do you know which language service provider (LSP) is right for your project? Why businesses need to choose carefully When you need a […]

What is instant translation, and how does it work?

What is instant translation, and how does it work?

For businesses who work abroad, instant translation seems like a dream come true. When you face day-to-day language barriers, everything from small talk to high-value proposals becomes extra tricky. But does instant translation work? We take a look at the world of instant translations, with explanations and top tips. What is instant translation? Instant translation […]

What does the medical translation industry look like now?

Medical translation services

The way we communicate about healthcare is extremely important. Using the right terminology can influence decisions, inform treatment plans, and make sure everyone is on the same page. That’s where medical translation services come in. Languages and the medical industry in 2021 With the global health crisis continuing throughout 2021, many people returned to some […]

6 steps for successful machine translation

Machine translation

Machine translation is automatic translation carried out by a computer. In recent years, it has become a widely debated subject. If you decide to implement machine translation into your processes, there are several things to take into consideration first. Machine translation pros and cons There are several types of machine translation to choose from. To […]

Translation glossary: Explained

translation glossary

A translation glossary is a list of approved translations for specific terms. Glossaries often contain not only the correct translation, but also a definition, the context, and the part of speech the term comes from. Glossaries help translation services create accurate and high-quality translations in less time. Benefits of translation glossaries A translation glossary helps […]