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Testing & Language Quality

At Future Group, our team provides language testing services that ensure your products are able to realize their full potential. By implementing translation validation of your website, software or mobile apps before they go to the market and utilizing our technical testing solutions, your brand will certainly stand out on the global stage. Combined with our in-country reviews, Future Group provides a reliable, seamless and efficient process.

3 categories of language testing, each one offering key benefits dependent on the demands of your industry:

Technical Testing

If you want to strike the right level of emotion in your marketing messages, rest assured that our transcreation services will certainly find the nuances that connect with local sensibilities.

Linguistic Validation

Verify the accuracy of your translation by an extended quality control process. The multi-step approach tests the translation for meaning and reliability, while also providing an auditable record of the review.

Cosmetic Testing​

At Future Group, we utilize both automated and manual testing and we use the right resources to guarantee that your content appeals to your users. Through this process, we ensure your localized interfaces – like menus, messages and dialog boxes – are correctly formatted, so as to uphold the visual aesthetic appeal of your website and maintain a great user experience.​

Industry Specific Expertise

We totally understand how industry-specific knowledge is critical to producing high-quality translation; and so, through our years of experience, we have expanded the area of our industry-specific expertise to include:


It is easy to request a quote from our testing team. Should you require language testing, translation validation or translation proofreading, please complete the contact form and we will be in touch.