Testing &Language Quality

At Future Group, our team provides language testing services to ensure your products are able to realize their full potential. Implementing translation validation of your website, software or mobile apps before they go to market, and utilizing our technical testing solutions enables your brand to stand out on the global stage. Combined with our in-country reviews Future Group provides a reliable and efficient process from start to end.

We provide 3 categories of language testing, each one offering key benefits dependent on the demands of your industry.

1- Technical Testing

Conducting crucial technical tests before release will keep customers engaged, reduce costs and uphold brand integrity

Compatibility Testing

Test your software to verify it works in sync across a range of platforms to avoid complex late-stage issues that impact budgets and create delays.

Functionality Testing

Before your app, website or software is launched, functional testing will highlight bugs and glitches and find the right solution to repair them.

UX Testing

The way that customers interact with your platform is everything. Safely test your product usability to develop a hassle-free experience and effective launch to market.

GUI Testing

Check the integrity of your platform’s user interface to identify errors such as overlapping and truncated text strings and much more.

2- Linguistic Validation

Verify the accuracy of your translation through an extended quality control process. A multi-step approach tests its meaning and reliability while also providing an auditable record of the review.

Proofreading Services

Translation proofreading with a qualified third-party native speaker allows you to maintain the tone of your message and brand in hundreds of languages.

Translation Quality Control TQC

We conduct stringent language testing that highlights quality issues and opens the door to fast and effective solutions no matter how large or small your content is.

Localization Quality Control LQC

Check the quality of your localized translation to ensure it strikes the right cultural tone and balance for any region in the world.

3- Cosmetic Testing

At Future Group, we utilize both automated and manual testing and we employ the right resources to guarantee your content looks good for your users. Through this process, we ensure your localized interfaces, like menus, messages and dialog boxes, are correctly formatted to uphold the visual aesthetic of your website and maintain an user experience.


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