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The New Frontier of Global Marketing: OOH Localization

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising helps businesses connect with their customers when they’re on the move. Today, we’re looking at how to make your campaign a success, including why it’s important and OOH localization.

What is OOH advertising?

OOH refers to advertising that happens outside the home. This might be billboards, screens, posters, or more. The idea is to reach as many customers as possible, in the right way, at the right time.

Why OOH ads are important

When we talk about marketing today, it’s easy to jump straight to online campaigns. Having a web presence is vital, but that doesn’t mean other channels should be missed altogether.

Companies need to consider how to reach customers when they aren’t looking at a device. As Google explains, “consumers are constantly moving between touchpoints and channels, and brands need the right tools to keep up”.

In fact, studies show out-of-home advertising has a greater reach than any other channel at 28%. The internet comes in second at 25%.

Of course, out-of-home advertising was affected when the world stayed at home during the pandemic. But the format is expected to grow again in years to come.

How OOH opens up global marketing 

Out-of-home advertising can’t match the levels of personalization achievable on channels such as websites or apps. However, it comes with good visibility and high levels of flexibility.

Digital OOH ads can be programmed to display different versions or messages at different times of the day. Street furniture around the world has been adapted to display adverts in all shapes and sizes in a range of locations, and messages can be altered depending on where exactly a sign is.

What’s more, the OOH ad format lends itself well to a wide range of industries. In 2021, the retail industry was the second largest out-of-home advertising spender at almost $722.7 million (US). First place went to miscellaneous services and amusements.

Get the most out of your campaign: OOH localization

When it comes to global marketing, OOH localization is key.

Ooh advertising needs to grab the attention of your target audience. When it comes to marketing around the world, this means knowing not just what will make an impact, but what will make the right impact.

Simply translating an OOH ad isn’t enough for a successful campaign in a different country or region. Elements like cultural references and images don’t have the same meanings everywhere.

OOH localization is the process of adapting content so that it resonates with an audience in a new region. This means making changes to language, content, layout, and more.

How to localize OOH campaigns

  1. Think about where your advert will be

When localizing an OOH ad, think about not just the region, or even the town, but precisely where the advert will be and when. Is there a local event that can or should be referenced? Could you give the location of the closest store? There are unlimited creative possibilities.

For example, McDonald’s regularly changes its adverts based on immediate surroundings. You might find an advert for a cold drink that reminds you of the warm temperature that day or a billboard with very simple directions to a nearby restaurant.

  1. Consider both language and culture

For ad campaigns with important visual elements, don’t forget to spend time localizing text, and vice versa. With the right attention to detail, an OOH ad can feel like it was made with one specific audience in mind, grabbing their attention even when they’re on their way to do other things.

However, missing the mark can have major consequences. Include the wrong words or images and, at best, your brand’s reputation might be affected, but at worst you could cause offense.

  1. Work with an expert

Always think about what works culturally, don’t assume you know! When it comes to OOH localization, it’s best to work with an expert who understands advertising, your industry, and the local language and culture. They can work out the best way to transform your message into the new language with a campaign that resonates.

Future Group

At Future Group localization agency, we are experts in languages and cultures. Our specialist teams work with brands to localize their OOH ad campaigns in a way that works for them. To find out more, please visit our about page or get in touch.

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