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Human translation, fine revision & editing
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  • Word count of source content
  • number of languages needed to translate to.
  • Whether you need certified translation or not.
  • the level of translation you require (full machine Translation, human revision, human translation & revision, or supreme translation and editing by humans.

based on the project size and the translation types, for instance: Machine Translation takes few hours, human translation can take days. So, it comes down to your urgency and timelines.

We sure do, by sworn translators to certify the conformity and accuracy of the translated files to match the designated purpose.

Our translators are usually in-country residents of the countries targeted with translation, so this allows for accurate dialect & cultural matching.

We sure do, our service and resources allow us to:

  • Transcribe and translate video & audio files.
  • Extract and translate text on images, PDFs, software source codes, scanned documents.
  • produce translated media and dub it in your original files.

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