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Work with our accredited translation experts to establish new global relationships, increase sales opportunities and successfully expand your business into unexplored international markets. Whether it is website content, audio/video, print material or the content of your digital marketing campaigns, we have the experience to help, and we have the commitment to deliver with consistency.


ISO 17100 Certified Translation

for Translation Quality Compliance Whatever your content's language or output.


Our dedication to excellence is unsurpassed, as we have established, here at Future Group, 4 cornerstones to demonstrate our commitment to providing an unbeatable service.

Simple Steps, with Supreme Quality

Pre-Translation Review
PM Gets access on the Files from the client, assign the Localization Support to Prepare ready for Translation files and get Word count Logs PM Examine Files for content assessment, consult with our Translation Manager to hire a project Team (Linguistic Lead + Translators) based on Content type and Word count and client Delivery date Translation Manager Hires a Project Linguistic Team Lead to Create Project Glossary and Style Guide After Agreeing on Project Team and Checking their availability, PM assigns the Team with accurate dates, building relations to ensure Automatic delivery from one phase to the other PM gives access to Project Files to the project Team according to the project Plan
Translation Start
Localization support Extract Key Terminology from Project files PM assigns Linguistic Team Lead to Translate the Glossary and create Style Guide (Which deals with names, Brands, products, dates, addresses, currencies, measurements etc…) LTL Works on creating both Glossary and SG, Gets Client approval on both and after finalizing both are uploaded to our TMS and linked to the project Files, which will make it bindery to all Translators and reviewers working on the files to follow both, which ensures utmost consistency across all files
Quality Control
PM assigns different group of files to selected translators and their following reviewers according to project plan. Query Sheets are opened on the TMS where translators raise queries, Reviewers answer them, LTL approves them after consulting with customer. Files moves from Translation phase to Review Phase on a rolling base (Finish to start). LTL have a final look on the files make sure Glossaries and SG were followed, and query sheet answers were reflected.
Translation Feedback & Final Delivery
PM assigns the Localization support to convert back the finished files to its original extension, upload or deliver them to client Portal. Client review the files , send feedback , and upon our implementation of feedback , client makes final checks and upon verification client sends official closure and permission to invoice the project.

Industry Specific Expertise

We totally understand how industry-specific knowledge is critical to producing high-quality translation; and so, through our years of experience, we have expanded the area of our industry-specific expertise to include:

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