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Voice-over Translation Trends 2022

Voice-over translation is an important tool for bringing content to new audiences. Staying up to date with the latest trends can help you decide what might work for you and take the competitive edge. Today, we are looking at what we can expect to see in voice-over translation.

First, how does voice-over translation work?

When you need to translate your video for a new audience, there are several options. You might decide to only translate subtitles so that the viewer can still hear the original voice. This can be cost-effective but may not be the right option for all videos. For instance, subtitles might draw attention away from what is happening on screen or be complicated to display if there is text already shown.

Translated voice-overs can give the new viewer the same experience as the original, especially when the content is localized (adapted to suit the new audience on a cultural level). The new audio can also be added along with translated subtitles to meet accessibility needs.

In voice-over translation, the script is usually translated and localized first. Then, native-speaking voice actors record the audio, which is synced perfectly with your video.

Trends in voice-over translation

  • E-learning

The last few years have seen many institutions tend to e-learning. It looks like the trend is here to stay. In fact, 72% of organizations believe that e-learning helps them keep a competitive edge by incorporating new technologies.

Successful e-learning incorporates a range of tools, including video content. This means that voice-over translation is crucial as e-learning providers expand abroad. The student and educator both need to engage with e-learning materials fully, without distractions such as confusing cultural references or unsuitable content. Adding a voice-over in their language makes the platform feel as though it was made for them and helps maintain its value.

  • Dubbing choice on streaming platforms

Customers today expect personalized experiences that they relate to. As Mckinsey explains, “personalization is especially effective at driving repeat engagement and loyalty over time”. This means delivering content, products, and services that suit our audiences.

When it comes to streaming, Netflix recently showed how important it is to find out what customers really want. When asked, US viewers stated they would prefer to watch subtitled versions of foreign TV shows. However, through AB testing, Netflix discovered that viewers were more likely to watch TV shows when they saw dubbed versions by default.

Giving viewers the choice about language and accessibility means they can personalize their experience to suit them. Clearly, though, it also matters how this content is first presented.

  • Machine voice-over translation

The next era of machine translation is upon us. In March 2022, Google granted early access to its voice-over platform Aloud. Aloud auto translates voice-over content, which the video owner can then tweak. It is currently available in a small number of language pairs.

So, is this the future of voice-over translation? While the technology is impressive, computer-generated translations cannot yet replace human expertise. From cultural references to nuanced ideas, computer translations can’t add the creativity or reach the levels of accuracy that are needed for many topics. What’s more, voice-over artists are trained to add interest and develop meaning through their work.

  • Video marketing

Video marketing is set to rise. 86% of businesses already use video marketing, and 79% of those that don’t use it yet, expect to do so in 2022.

Successful marketing involves capturing the attention of your audience, showing that your product or service speaks to them. Localizing videos fully will help your message, your brand identity, and your product or service to resonate with the viewer on a new level.

Future Group was founded in 1994 and has grown into a trusted partner for major brands across the globe. Our specialist teams can provide voice-over translation, localization, and recording, making your multimedia content stand out.

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